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Angela Mystic–

Psychic and Spiritual Medium

A little about me:


Tarot Card Reader - I use cards as a tool to look past the

images on the cards for messages.

Channeling - Ability to connect to a loved one who has crossed over.

Clairaudience - Ability to hear things that are inaudible to most.

I am able to hear beyond the natural sense of hearing.




•Private Tarot Card Readings

•Telephone Readings

•Group Readings (Message Circles)

•Private Parties

•Past, Present & Future Situations

•Connecting with Passed Loved Ones


I believe that every person’s actions have a ripple effect on our existence.


Make yours a positive one.

Contact me: 
Image by Brett Jordan



Sessions can be done in person, by phone or video.  Contact me for details at 315-243-7795 or by email at

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